Teddy Roosevelt: speak softly, but make up the words as you go along

February 12, 2013

To a great man with great diction. I was sad to see Bullfeathers didn’t make the list, but I guess he didn’t coin the phrase.



90 Day Wonder

February 10, 2013

The original logo of Officer Candidate School

90 Day Wonder is a pejorative  term for a military officer who earned his position through Officer Candidate School.  The program was designed during World War II as a means of expanding the  numbers of officiers primarily during wartime.  Unlike members who go to West Point or other Officer academies, these men would become officers after only a short time (at one point as short as three-months, hence the name).  The term has since also become a term of affection.

Another new phrase from David Fears’s Dark Blonde, a book that expanded my vocabulary more than I ever expected.


February 7, 2013


A long, sheer woman’s outer garment of interesting word origin.  The word comes from the French verb “to comb the hair,” as it was originally used to describe a dressing gown that a woman would wear while brushing out one’s hair in the morning or evening.  Another new word from David Fears’s novella Dark Blonde.