Cotard Delusion

I promise this is my last mental illness for a while.

Cotard Delusion, otherwise known by the amazing name Walking Corpse Syndrome is a delusion where the sufferer believes that he is, in fact, dead and his body is rapidly petrifying.  Sufferers often complain of smelling their own flesh rotting or claim to be missing limbs.  In some cases, the victims demand that they be sent to the morgue where they can be with their own kind.

As with the other illnesses I have discussed, the patients seem to  be perfectly lucid and usually become animated only when challenged about their beliefs.

Cotard’s is believed to be related to Capgras Syndrome, in that they both deal with the part of the brain that links facial recognition to emotion.  It is named after Jules Cotard who first recorded the illness in the 1880s

In some cases, the sufferer forms delusions of immortality.  In one case, a man claimed that he was poisoned but transformed into a dog (Lycanthropy) and was now an undead canine.  While I truly feel for anyone suffering from such an illness, I could not help but think of this:

Additional Sources:

International Journal of Mental Health Systems



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