Anu Garg’s amazing word of the day meaning the insertion of a word into another.  For example: The insertion of the f-word into the middle of absolutely.


2 Responses to Tmesis

  1. pbartleby says:

    Tmesis! The funny thing is that I use this word pretty regularly, because it’s a “classics” word, especially if you’re reading Homer. There it’s always a compound word, usually prefix and verb (not unlike, but not exactly like, German separable prefixes). This example seems more like infixation (specifically expletive infixation), but I suppose it could be used for any word “cutting” (tmesis > τέμνω, to cut).

  2. Tench Ringgold says:

    Ah, I should have known the Greeks would have had a much more civil use of such a concept. I cannot imagine Aristotle saying “abso-fucking-lutly”

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