One of my favorite words from Tony Kushner’s Angels In America.  Prior, the antagonist, after he has been visited by an angel, is described as corvine in appearance, that is, crow-like.

Adjectives used to describe animal-like appearances or behaviors are wonderfully useful and sound far more poetic than saying, let’s say, crow-like.  Aside from corvine, here is a shortlist of the names I have come across:

bovine (cow), feline (cat), canine (dog), ovine (sheep), porcine (pig), lupine (wolf), murine (mouse), equine (horse), leporine (rabbit), vulpine (fox), ursine (bear), taurine (bull), cervine (deer), elapine (viper), caprine (goat), ranine (frog), vespine (wasp), anserine (goose).

The last of which I only came across because a high school coach referred to the gait of a friend of mine as anserine.  Amazing, the high school I went to when the coaches are using words like anserine.

If there are others that you know of, please leave a comment here.


2 Responses to Corvine

  1. Tench Ringgold says:

    The internet makes all of this moot. I found a pretty extensive list here:

  2. Steve Allison says:

    A couple more from Merriam Webster:
    asinine – of, relating to, or resembling an ass
    piscine – of, relating to, or characteristic of fish

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