A word that has both a figurative and literal meaning.  Figuratively, it means to harshly censure or criticize someone.  Literally, it means to strip off the skin of something.  The latter what it translates to from Latin as well, and it is also why this word caught my eye.

When I started training for First Aid, they gave me this book of how to handle various scenarios.  I found myself able to handle the CPR and even the broken bones, but punctures proved a little harder.  In particular, the whole process of dealing with an impaled eyeball was particularly difficult for me.

When I reached the end of the book, however, I hit the really extreme cases.  Nothing bothered me more than something called degloving.  It is exactly what it sounds like, when the skin of the hand is excoriated right off, sometimes turned inside out in the process.  If you are brave enough, here is a picture of a finger partially degloved by a wedding band.  ONLY LOOK IF YOU FEEL YOU MUST! IT IS AWFUL!  This sort of thing haunted me for weeks, but I always found myself drawn back to the pictures.

Actually, thinking about this now makes me ill.  This is worse than my pessary post.


One Response to Excoriate

  1. Scott David says:

    You’re an ass-and-a-half for making me look at that picture.

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