It is a great day when I come across a word I never even thought I saw at any point in my life.  Usually, it is a word that I’ve heard hundreds of times but never could define.  If I do chance across a word I’ve never seen, it usually relates to geology or some strange philosophical issue.  Reading John Le Carré’s The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, gave me a genuine new word that I might actually use.

A revanchist is a person who believes in revanchism (duh!).  Revanchism is the policy of revenge, particularly in the sense of regaining lost territory.  The term, appropriately was coined in the 1920s.  With World War I at its end, immediately countries began considering taking back what was once theirs.  After the second world war, the term continued its use as countries beyond the Iron Curtain planned for ways to liberate East Germany from Soviet control.  The word presents infinite usages.  I, myself, am already planning to take back control of the near side of the bed from my wife.


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