A word I hardly think of anymore until I came across it in John le Carré’s The Spy Who Came In From The Cold.

First, it’s an apple, but I don’t know anything about apples.  I can identify a granny smith (who can’t?), and maybe a red delicious (it’s red, right?), but a mackintosh? Here‘s a google image.  I guess this is what I imagined they look like.

Does anyone thing of the Apple computer as a Mackintosh any more? I remember I did when they were still little white boxes.  We still called them Mackintoshs back then.  Now, even with the iconic Apple glowing at me from my laptop, I still had to force myself to remember that Mac is an abbreviation.

For the Brits, though, a Mackintosh is something completely different.  It’s a long rubberized raincoat.  It gets its name from Charles Macintosh, the Scot who patented it.  I’m still not sure if it is just a British name for any raincoat or a particular kind.  Life magazine suggests it’s just any old raincoat.  Here’s a photo.


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