OH MAN! Wrote this and totally forgot to post it.

As much as I’m into detective novels, I am just not that excited about spy novels. It has something to do with my interest in the hero who doesn’t work for the government. Hence, the private detective is my favorite, the disillusioned police detective comes in second. By the time you get to the spy, who represents the deepest levels of government involvement, I’m just much less interested.

All that said, John Le Carré is supposed to be a master, so I started with The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. Liked it, didn’t love it, but it gave me a slew of words that will dominate this week’s list.

Superannuate — a word that I couldn’t figure out the meaning of at all despite all my Latin.  Super for “over.” Annus for “year.”  Only when I looked it up did I find that it means to retire someone, particularly with a pension.  As an adjective, it means something that is obsolete with age (I guess making it a slightly more specific choice than obsolete).


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