I will be the  first to admit that Woody Allen is just not that funny any more.  The only movies he has made recently worth their wait has been his thrillers.  2003’s Anything Else was no exception to his recent slide; Jason Biggs made a poor Woody Allen protagonist, and Christina Ricci just seemed to be trying too hard.  Woody Allen’s character, David Dobel, was the closest thing to making the movie worthwhile.  Dobel is a paranoid old man with an absurd vocabulary.  One of the DVD extras to the movie is a dictionary of words Dobel used throughout the film.

The best of this crew: Tergiversate.  Dobel warns Bigg’s character, “Once you tergiverstate, you’re lost.”  The word means to change one’s loyalties or to make conflicting statements (O.A.D.).


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